Corporation Law


The Corporation Law in Philippines regulates and keeps things orderly in the business and corporate world. The Corporation Code of the Philippines (Batas Pambansa Bilang 68) was approved & became effective on 1st May 1980. The law governs the rules & regulations for the establishment of stock & non-stock corporations in Philippines. The Corporation Law includes 149 sections, which are grouped into 16 titles. The following is the basic outline of the Corporation Code of Philippines:


  • Title I – General Provisions
  • Title II – Incorporation and Organization of Private Corporations
  • Title III – Board of Directors/Trustees/Officers
  • Title IV – Powers of Corporations
  • Title V – By-Laws
  • Title VI – Meetings
  • TITLE VII – Stocks and Stockholders
  • Title VIII – Corporate Books and Records
  • Title IX – Merger and Consolidation
  • Title X – Appraisal Right
  • Title XI – Non-Stock Corporations
  • Title XII – Close Corporations
  • Title XIII – Special Corporations
  • Title XIV – Dissolution
  • Title XV – Foreign Corporations
  • Title XVI – Miscellaneous Provisions


The corporation law defines a corporation, classifies corporation (Stock or non-Stock Corporation), and discusses the classification of shares in a stock corporation, such as preferred stocks and common stocks. The Corporation Law also talks about the regulation on the adoption of by-laws, its contents, and its amendment. Moreover, it also includes rules on meetings of directors, stockholders, trustees, or even members (regular or special) in the corporation. Additionally, the rules on quorum & voting are also included in the code.


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